Permanent Exhibitions

Monumental painting by Werner Tübke

At the centre of the Panorama Museum is the monumental painting "Early Bourgeois Revolution in Germany" by Werner Tübke (1929-2004). Over a length of 123 m and a height of 14 m, Tübke's theatrum mundi unfolds in old-masterly formal language, inviting visitors on a journey into the past.          

The painting depicts the upheaval from the late Middle Ages to the early modern period, but is timeless because it deals with basic human themes such as love and hate, birth and death. The Sistina of the North represents the high point in Werner Tübke's work and is a highlight in the history of art.

Tübke Cabinet

The Tübke Cabinet presents the exhibition "Werner Tübke's Monumental Work - The Adventure of Image Invention". Here, the process of creating a panoramic painting can be traced in compact form - from the first drafts to the 1:10 draft to the monumental painting.

The documentary film "Schlacht am Bild" (German, 20 min) runs in a continuous loop, showing in very impressive pictures the process of the creation of the painting and making the physical and psychological burdens of the artist and his alumni clear.

Bronze sculptures by Lotta Blokker

Since 2010, the Panorama Museum has been presenting 4 bronze sculptures by Lotta Blokker on the forecourt. Born in Amsterdam in 1980, the artist is one of the most successful Dutch sculptors. At the age of 19 she went to Italy to begin a four-year study of drawing and sculpture at the Academy of Art in Florence. Already in the first year of her studies she received a scholarship due to her talent. As an exceptional talent, she became a teaching assistant in the sculpture class in the second year of her studies and took on a teaching position for sculpture before the end of her regular period of study. After 3 years of teaching she returned to Amsterdam, where she lives and works.